I miss you!!!

I miss you so much. I miss falling to sleep feeling your heart beat with mine. I miss waking up to you next to me. I miss feeling your lips on mine when ever I need to. I miss being able to look at you no matter what time of day it is and you know just what I need. I miss being with you all the time. I miss being woken up because you can’t help but have your hands on my skin. I miss it all. I hate being in different places all the time. I love you baby!!! FOREVE!!!!


She’s something else, you know..
Something beautiful.
And she doesn’t even see that, she doesn’t even know.
And it makes me want to rip my heart out of my fucking chest and hand it to her, because anyone that can go through so much and still rake up their pieces to hold mine together is worth that and so much more.

Take my heart, and hold it tight.
It’s yours now.
I don’t want it.

Micayla Dennis (evh)