I will never stop wishing that every car I stop beside at a red light is yours. My heart will never stop swelling with hope when the phone rings, and I will never stop praying to hear your voice when I answer. I will never stop feeling like freshly frozen ice when I get a text message, or feeling like I’ve shattered when it’s not from you. I will never stop scanning the crowd at parties for a glimpse of your hair, or your smile. I will never stop listening for your laugh in the movie theater. I will never stop breathing the air of my house in deeply, wondering if your smell has clung to anything in my possession. I will never stop seeing you out of the corners of my eyes, and feeling like I’ve lost a battle when I turn and you aren’t there. I will never stop playing the songs that remind me of you on repeat while I sleep, incase I dream of you.

I won’t stop wearing the clothes I know you like, because I want you to want me again if I run into you. I won’t ever give back that hoodie you brought to my house when I was sick and shaking. I won’t ever stop thinking about you whenever I’m alone. I won’t ever stop wondering what you are drinking to when I raise my shot to cheers. I wont stop wondering how we went from so right to so wrong. I wont stop wishing things had ended differently. I wont stop feeling ill whenever I remember you’re in this world but you haven’t got space for me in yours.

Molly Burton | Repetition is the only lullaby I can sing these days (via iamatinyowl)